, Volume 25, Issue 4, pp 249-263

Information processing in visual search: A continuous flow conception and experimental results


This paper reexamines the visual search process, and visual information processing more generally, from a perspective of the continuous flow of information and responses through the visual system. The results from three experiments are reported which support the continuous flow conception: Information accumulates gradually in the visual system, with concurrent priming of responses. The first two experiments investigated the processing of display stimuli which varied in size and figure-ground contrast in a nonsearch task, and provided evidence confirming a continuous flow model. Experiment 3 employed an asynchronous onset of target and noise and provided convergent evidence of the accumulative nature of information and response priming in visual processing.

This research was supported by Public Health Service Research Career program Award K6-MH-22014 to the first author and by U.S. Public Health Service Research Grant MH-01206.