, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp 516-524

Lexique 2 : A new French lexical database


In this article, we present a new lexical database for French:Lexique. In addition to classical word information such as gender, number, and grammatical category,Lexique includes a series of interesting new characteristics. First, word frequencies are based on two cues: a contemporary corpus of texts and the number of Web pages containing the word. Second, the database is split into a graphemic table with all the relevant frequencies, a table structured around lemmas (particularly interesting for the study of the inflectional family), and a table about surface frequency cues. Third,Lexique is distributed under a GNU-like license, allowing people to contribute to it. Finally, a metasearch engine,Open Lexique, has been developed so that new databases can be added very easily to the existing ones.Lexique can either be downloaded or interrogated freely fromhttp://www.lexique.org.

This research was supported by a postdoctoral grant from the Fondation Fyssen to B.N. and a British Academy grant to M.B.