, Volume 37, Issue 2, pp 287-292

TheWeb Experiment List: A web service for the recruitment of participants and archiving of Internet-based experiments


TheWeb Experiment List (http://genpsylab-wexlist.unizh.ch/), a free Web-based service for the recruitment of participants in Internet-based experiments, is presented. The Web Experiment List also serves as a searchable archive for the research community. It lists more than 250 links to and descriptions of current and past Web experiments. Searches can be conducted by area of research, language, type of study, date, and status (active vs. archived). Data from log file analyses reveal an increasing use of the Web Experiment List and provide a picture of the distribution of the use of the Web experiment method across disciplines. On a general theoretical note, Web services are discussed as a viable software alternative to the traditional program format.

The article is based on a presentation given at the “Tools for Internet-Based Research” symposium at the 34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Computers in Psychology, Minneapolis, November 18, 2004. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to U.-D. Reips,