Moscow University Geology Bulletin

, 66:293

Oil saturation estimation using the Leverett technique


    • Faculty of GeologyMoscow State University
  • G. A. Kalmykov
    • Faculty of GeologyMoscow State University
  • G. G. Topunova
    • Faculty of GeologyMoscow State University

DOI: 10.3103/S0145875211040053

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Gimaltdinova, A.F., Kalmykov, G.A. & Topunova, G.G. Moscow Univ. Geol. Bull. (2011) 66: 293. doi:10.3103/S0145875211040053


Estimation of oil saturation in reservoir characterization is important for the solution of geological problems. We present an oil-saturation factor technique based on the Leverett J function. Such an approach allows oil saturation prediction in absence of holes on the basis of capillarimetric investigations of core material. The good agreement between the results of oil-saturation computation and the conventional Archie-Dahnov equations proves the validity and applicability of the suggested technique.


capillary pressureLeverett J functionwater saturationoil saturationfree water levelradius of poressandstone

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