Journal of Contemporary Physics (Armenian Academy of Sciences)

, Volume 45, Issue 3, pp 126–131

Magnetoexcitonic states in a quantum ring with the Winternitz-Smorodinsky confinement potential


  • A. K. Atayan
    • Institute of Radiophysics and ElectronicsNAS of Armenia
  • E. M. Kazaryan
    • Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University
  • A. V. Meliksetyan
    • Yerevan State University
  • H. A. Sarkisyan
    • Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) State University
    • Yerevan State University

DOI: 10.3103/S1068337210030059

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Atayan, A.K., Kazaryan, E.M., Meliksetyan, A.V. et al. J. Contemp. Phys. (2010) 45: 126. doi:10.3103/S1068337210030059


We investigate magnetoexcitonic states in the Ga1−x 1Alx 1As/GaAs/Ga1−x 2Alx 2 As quantum ring with the Winternitz-Smorodinsky confinement potential. A homogeneous magnetic field is directed perpendicularly to the ring plane. The Coulomb interaction between the electron and hole is assumed as weak and is considered in the framework of perturbation theory. Obtained results show that the more realistic Winternitz-Smorodinsky confinement potential, which takes into account a peculiar smoothing of the confinement potential profile, leads to raising of the electron energy levels as compared to the case of a finite-height rectangular confinement potential.

Key words

quantum ring magnetoexcitonic states confinement potential Coulomb interaction

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