, Volume 20, Issue 1, pp 59-70
Date: 06 Apr 2011

Polarization-singular structure of laser images of stratified phase-inhomogeneous layers for the diagnostics and classification of their optical properties

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Presented in this work are the results of investigation aimed at analysis of coordinate distributions for azimuths and ellipticity of polarization (polarization maps) in laser images of three types of phase-inhomogeneous layers, namely: rough, ground and bulk scattering layers. To characterize polarization maps for all the types of phase-inhomogeneous layers, the authors have offered to use three groups of parameters: statistical moments of the first to the fourth orders, autocorrelation functions and logarithmic dependences for power spectra related to distributions of azimuths and ellipticity of polarization inherent to phase-inhomogeneous layers laser images. Ascertained are the criteria for diagnostics and classification of phase-inhomogeneous layers optical properties.