, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 41-44

Modern molecular biological methods of diagnosing and monitoring oncological diseases, based on the phenomenon of the humoral immune response to tumor-associated antigens

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The humoral immune response to tumor-associated antigens in cancer patients can be used as the basis for diagnosing and monitoring the disease. Moreover, identification of the protein targets of such a response can serve as the basis for developing antigen-specific anticancer vaccines. This review discusses the main methods for identifying and studying tumor-associated antigens, recognized by serum antibodies, and also notes the problems facing researchers, which must be solved to introduce serologic antigen kits into the clinical diagnosis of cancer.

Original Russian Text © Yu.V. Shebzukhov, P.V. Belousov, S.V. Khlgatyan, A.Yu. Sazykin, D.V. Kuprash, S.A. Nedospasov, 2007, published in Molekulyarnaya Genetika, Mikrobiologiya i Virusologiya, 2007, No. 2, pp. 3–6.