, Volume 24, Issue 6, pp 317-322
Date: 23 Dec 2008

Observations of asteroid occultations by the trailed-image method

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The method of trailed CCD images for observations of asteroid occultations is described. This method was used to observe 9 asteroid occupations at the Lisnyky observational station in 2006 with the telescope AZT-8 (D= 0.7m and F= 2.8m) equipped by the CCD ST-8 XME. In the case of occultation of the star TYC 0587-00209-1U by the asteroid 76 Freia in November 4, 2006, the distance between the asteroid center and the star, as well as the time of asteroid occultation were determined. The size of asteroid 76 Freia is determined assuming that its shape is spherically symmetric. In other cases, the minimal distances between the asteroid center and the star are determined. The method makes it possible to observe asteroid occultations with high time resolution.

Original Russian Text © F.I. Kravtsov, I.V. Lukyanik, 2008, published in Kinematika i Fizika Nebesnykh Tel, 2008, Vol. 24, No. 4, pp. 291–298.