, Volume 34, Issue 4, pp 212-218

Bionanotechnology: A bibliometric analysis using science citation index database (1995–2006)

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The development of nanotechnology and the growth of investment in this field are briefly surveyed based on a bibliometric analysis using Science Citation Index (SCI) database entering into the Web of Science (WOS) online academic database, with special emphasis on the positions of Russian researchers in modern nano-and bionanotechnology (BNT). The flow of domestic BNT publications over a period from 1995 to 2006 has been analyzed at three-year intervals. The search in SCI over this period of time yielded more than 19.2 thousand articles pertaining to the field under consideration. Russia is still among 50 leading countries with respect to a broad spectrum of research in nanoscience and nanotechnology. However, the growth rate of domestic publications among those covered by the WOS database lags significantly behind that of the publications from United States and China. The Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) is a leader among the domestic institutions engaged in nanoscience and BNT, despite some decrease in the proportion of RAS publications in the total world flow. The results of domestic investigations in BNT are primarily published in the world leading journals on the chemistry and materials science.

Original Russian Text © L.F. Borisova, N.S. Bogacheva, V.A. Markusova, E.E. Suetina, 2007, published in Nauchno-Technicheskaya Informatsiya, Seriya 1, 2007, No. 8, pp. 7–13.