, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp 20-28
Date: 20 Mar 2011

Fuzzy OWA model for information security risk management

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One of the methods for information security risk assessment is the substantiated choice and realization of countermeasures against threats. A situational fuzzy OWA model of a multicriteria decision making problem concerning the choice of countermeasures for reducing information security risks is proposed. The proposed model makes it possible to modify the associated weights of criteria based on the information entropy with respect to the aggregation situation. The advantage of the model is the continuous improvement of the weights of the criteria and the aggregation of experts’ opinions depending on the parameter characterizing the aggregation situation.

Original Russian Text © Ya.N. Imamverdiev, S.A. Derakshande, 2011, published in Avtomatika i Vychislitel’naya Tekhnika, 2011, No. 1, pp. 30–42.