Moscow University Chemistry Bulletin

, Volume 62, Issue 5, pp 295-297

Laser-enhanced molecular-ionization spectrometry of BaO and LuO in low-temperature flame

  • A. A. GorbatenkoAffiliated withLaser Chemistry Department Email author 
  • , R. D. VoroninaAffiliated withLaser Chemistry Department
  • , O. R. LyubomirovaAffiliated withLaser Chemistry Department
  • , E. I. RevinaAffiliated withLaser Chemistry Department

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The molecular ionization spectra of BaO and LuO were recorded in low-temperature natural gas-air flame with excitation laser wavelengths in the range 440–480 and 535–575 nm. Addition excitation of barium and lutetium monoxides by a second laser quantum did not amplify the ionization signal. One-step laser excitation with wavelengths of 549.3 and 466.2 nm is optimal for BaO and LuO, respectively.