Heliotechnical Materials Science

Applied Solar Energy

, Volume 47, Issue 1, pp 52-55

First online:

A semiempirical equation for temperature dependences of photoelectric parameters of a-Si: H solar cells

  • R. AlievAffiliated withBabur Andizhan State University
  • , R. G. IkramovAffiliated withNamangan State University
  • , O. T. IsmanovaAffiliated withNamangan State University
  • , M. A. AlinazarovaAffiliated withNamangan State University

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A semiempirical equation for the temperature dependences of the photoelectric parameters of a-Si: H solar cells is derived to explain the experimental results. Based on a comparison of the calculation results and experimental data, it is shown that the nonideality coefficient of the CVC of solar cells exhibits a weak temperature dependence.