, Volume 14, Issue 1, pp 80-93
Date: 15 Jan 2011

Nonlinear time-fractional differential equations in combustion science

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The application of Fractional Calculus in combustion science to model the evolution in time of the radius of an isolated premixed flame ball is highlighted. Literature equations for premixed flame ball radius are re-derived by a new method that strongly simplifies previous ones. These equations are nonlinear time-fractional differential equations of order 1/2 with a Gaussian underlying diffusion process. Extending the analysis to self-similar anomalous diffusion processes with similarity parameter ν/2 > 0, the evolution equations emerge to be nonlinear time-fractional differential equations of order 1−ν/2 with a non-Gaussian underlying diffusion process.

Dedicated to Professor R. Gorenflo on the occasion of his 80th birthday