, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp 1-10

Efficient spatial privacy preserving scheme for sensor network

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The privacy of sensitive events observed by a wireless sensor networks (WSN) needs to be protected. Adversaries with the knowledge of sensor deployment and network protocols can infer the location of a sensed event by monitoring the communication from the sensors even when the messages are encrypted. Encryption provides confidentiality; however, the context of the event can used to breach the privacy of sensed objects. An adversary can track the trajectory of a moving object or determine the location of the occurrence of a critical event to breach its privacy. In this paper, we propose ring signature to obfuscate the spatial information. Firstly, the extended region of location of an event of interest as estimated from a sensor communication is presented. Then, the increase in this region of spatial uncertainty due to the effect of ring signature is determined. We observe that ring signature can effectively enhance the region of location uncertainty of a sensed event. As the event of interest can be situated anywhere in the enhanced region of uncertainty, its privacy against local or global adversary is ensured. Both analytical and simulation results show that induced delay and throughput are insignificant with negligible impact on the performance of a WSN.