, Volume 48, Issue 3, pp 162-166

Lagochilascaris minor: Specific antibodies are related with resistance to experimental infection in A/J strain of mice

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Lagochilascaris minor is the causative agent of human lagochilascariosis, a disease that affects the neck region causing abscesses with eggs, adult parasites and L3/L4 larvae within purulent exudates. Nowadays, mice are considered intermediary hosts for the parasite. In previous study we observed that A/J mice experimentally infected with Lagochilascaris minor showed higher survival ratios than B10.A mice. Now, we denoted that A/J mice (resistant to experimental infection) produced higher levels of IgM, IgG and IgA against the crude extract (excepted for IgM) and secreted/excreted antigens of the parasite; on the other hand, B10.A mice (susceptible to experimental infection) produced higher levels of IgE in the later period of the experimental infection than A/J infected mice.