, Volume 44, Issue 4, pp 217-221

Helminth parasites of digestive tract of some teleost fish caught in the Dardanelles at Çanakkale, Turkey

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In this study the following parasites were found in fishes from the Dardanelles at Çanakkale: Cestoda: Bothriocephalus scorpii, Grillotia sp. and Scolex pleuronectis in Solea solea; Digenea: Ectenurus lepidus, Prodistomum polonii and Monascus filiformis in Trachurus trachurus, Hemiuridae metacercaria in S. solea, Lecithocladium excisum in Scomber scombrus, Lecithostaphylus retroflexus in Belone belone, Opechona bacillaris in Pomatomus saltatrix and S. scombrus and Schikhobalotrema sparisomae in Liza saliens; Nematoda: Hysterothylacium aduncum in T. trachurus, S. solea, Sparus aurata, P. saltatrix, L. saliens and Engraulis encrasicolus and Anisakis simplex in S. scombrus; Acanthocephala: Neoechinorynchus agilıs in L. saliens. No parasites were recovered from Sardinella aurita. Most of these species are well known in both the Mediterranean and Black Seas, but the Dardanelles appears to be the limit of the range of Anisakıs simplex.