, Volume 61, Issue 2, pp 357-384
Date: 12 Nov 2012

Topography of the Moho and earth crust structure beneath the East Vietnam Sea from 3D inversion of gravity field data

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The Moho depth, crustal thickness and fault systems of the East Vietnam Sea (EVS) are determined by 3D interpretation of satellite gravity. The Moho depth is calculated by 3D Parker inversion from residual gravity anomaly that is obtained by removing the gravity effects of seafloor and Pre-Cenozoic sediment basement topographies from the free air anomaly. The 3D inversion solution is constrained by power density spectrum of gravity anomaly and seismic data. The calculated Moho depths in the EVS vary from 30–31 km near the coast to 9 km in the Central Basin. A map of the lithosphere extension factor in the Cenozoic is constructed from Moho and Pre-Cenozoic sediment basement depths. The fault systems constructed by the maximum horizontal gradient approach include NE-SW, NW-SE, and N-S oriented faults. Based on the interpretation results, the EVS is sub-divided into five structural zones which demonstrated the different characteristics of the crustal structure.