, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp 225-228
Date: 10 Apr 2008

Successful discontinuation of insulin treatment after gestational diabetes is shown to be a case of MODY due to a glucokinase mutation

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We describe a woman who first presented with gestational diabetes at 26 weeks gestation and was managed with insulin. Following delivery of a healthy baby she had an abnormal OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) 6 weeks post partum and was managed with diet. In her second pregnancy she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 10 weeks and required insulin. Following delivery she was again managed on diet alone. Four years later, during her third pregnancy, she was managed with insulin from the outset. She remained on insulin post partum and for several years. Later her two younger children, aged 11 years and 7 years, were found to have GCK mutation causing MODY (Maturity Onset Diabetes Of the Young) subtype glucokinase. Following this she underwent molecular genetic testing and was also shown to have the GCK mutation. She was gradually taken off insulin and is now managed on diet alone with excellent glycaemic control. Her two children are under regular follow up care and on no medication for diabetes.