, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp 223-229
Date: 29 Feb 2008

Structural and elastic properties of barium chalcogenides (BaX, X=O, Se, Te) under high pressure

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In the present paper we have investigated the high-pressure, structural phase transition of Barium chalcogenides (BaO, BaSe and BaTe) using a three-body interaction potential (MTBIP) approach, modified by incorporating covalency effects. Phase transition pressures are associated with a sudden collapse in volume. The phase transition pressures and associated volume collapses obtained from TBIP show a reasonably good agreement with experimental data. Here, the transition pressure, NaCl-CsCl structure increases with decreasing cation-to-anion radii ratio. In addition, the elastic constants and their combinations with pressure are also reported. It is found that TBP incorporating a covalency effect may predict the phase transition pressure, the elastic constants and the pressure derivatives of other chalcogenides as well.