, Volume 50, Issue 3, pp 309–317

Notes on calycophyllous Rubiaceae. Part III. Systematic position of the monotypic Mexican genus Cosmocalyx and notes on the calycophyll development

  • Piero G. Delprete

DOI: 10.2307/2807774

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Delprete, P.G. Brittonia (1998) 50: 309. doi:10.2307/2807774


The systematic position ofCosmocalyx, heretofore treated as agenus incertae sedis, is discussed. The morphological features ofCosmocalyx suggest strong similarities to various genera of the Hamelieae, to which it is compared and where it is placed. A complete description ofCosmocalyx, observations on its phenology, and comments on calyx and fruit development are presented and illustrated.

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Cosmocalyx Hamelia Deppea Phyllomelia Hamelieae Deppeeae Rondeletieae Rubiaceae Mexico calycophylls semaphylls pterophylls dehiscent capsules pseudosamaras 

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  • Piero G. Delprete
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