, Volume 49, Issue 4, pp 508-536

The genera of Myrtaceae in Brazil: an illustrated synoptic treatment and identification keys

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A synoptic treatment of the 23 genera of Myrtaceae in Brazil and keys for their identification are provided, including a general key to all genera, a key to the subtribes, and keys to the genera of each subtribe. Four commonly recognized genera that we consider to be of uncertain status are provisionally treated as segregates of large related genera: Marlierea and Gomidesia with Myrcia; and Hexachlamys and Calycorectes with Eugenia. Important characters of the inflorescence, calyx, ovary, placenta, ovule, fruit, seed, and embryo are discussed and illustrated. Information provided for each genus includes concise descriptions, geographic distribution, approximate number of species, and comparisons to related genera. Families that might be confused with Myrtaceae are briefly discussed. A new combination, Mosiera prismatica (D. Legrand) Landrum, is made.