, Volume 48, Issue 1, pp 35–44

Notes on calycophyllous Rubiaceae. Part I. Morphological comparisons of the genera Chimarrhis, Bathysa, and Calycophyllum, with new combinations and a new species, Chimarrhis gentryana

  • Piero G. Delprete

DOI: 10.2307/2807663

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Delprete, P.G. Brittonia (1996) 48: 35. doi:10.2307/2807663


A comparison of some genera of the Condaminecae (Rubiaceae) with a few taxa of closely related tribes (Rondeletieae, Calycophylleae, and Cinchoneae) revealed that some species ofChimarrhis (Condamineeae s. 1.),Bathysa (Rondeletieae), andCalycophyllum (Calycophylleae) are often misassigned to genera. The taxonomic significance of calycophylls is discussed; the generic boundaries ofChimarrhis, Bathysa, andCalycophyllum are reevaluated; and their similarities and differences are discussed. As a result, a new calycophyllous species ofChimarrhis from the Amazon,C. gentryana, is described, two of its species are transferred toBathysa (B. Bathysoides, B. perijaënsis), and one species ofBathysa (B. difformis) is reduced to synonymy underChimarrhis (C. turbinata).

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