, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 57–63

Synthetic and wild Asplenium gravesii

  • W. H. Wagner
  • Thomas Darling

DOI: 10.2307/2804849

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Wagner, W.H. & Darling, T. Brittonia (1957) 9: 57. doi:10.2307/2804849


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    Asplenium gravesii Maxon, a rare spleenwort known only from a few localities, has been considered a hybrid ofA. bradleyi andA. pinnatifidum. A. gravesii was collected again at the type locality in 1954, and was also synthesized by sowing spores of the parents together in culture.

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    Leaf pattern of both synthetic and wild forms is more regular and symmetric than that of one of the parents,A. pinnatifidum. The synthetic differs from the wild form in having (a) pinnae more remote; (b) pinnae narrower at the base; (c) laminar margins less deeply dentate; and (d) sori medial rather than infra-medial.

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    Chromosome pairing behavior ofA. gravesii conforms approximately to that which would be predicted if the parents,A. bradleyi andA. pinnatifidum, are allopolyploid hybrids,A. montanum Xplatyneuron andA. montanum Xrhizophyllum respectively.

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    To reduce the confusion in identification that exists because of resemblances ofA. gravesii to several of its relatives, a key is here provided.


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