, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp 242–247

Seasonal oxygen depletion in Chesapeake Bay


  • Jay L. Taft
    • Chesapeake Bay InstituteThe Johns Hopkins University
  • W. Rowland Taylor
    • Chesapeake Bay InstituteThe Johns Hopkins University
  • Eric O. Hartwig
    • Lawrence Berkeley LaboratoryMarine Sciences Group
  • Randy Loftus
    • Chesapeake Bay Institute

DOI: 10.2307/1352079

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Taft, J.L., Taylor, W.R., Hartwig, E.O. et al. Estuaries (1980) 3: 242. doi:10.2307/1352079


The spring freshet increases density stratification in Chesapeake Bay and minimizes oxygen transfer from the surface to the deep layer so that waters below 10 m depth experiece oxygen depletion which may lead to anoxia during June to September. Respiration in the water of the deep layer is the major factor contributing to oxygen depletion. Benthic respiration seems secondary. Organic matter from the previous year which has settled into the deep layer during winter provides most of the oxygen demand but some new production in the surface layer may sink and thus supplement the organic matter accumulated in the deep layer.

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