, Volume 13, Issue 4, pp 300-317

Notes on some Opisthobranch gastropods from the Chesapeake Bay

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Seventeen species of opisthobranchs from Chesapeake Bay were studied, 4 Cephalaspidea, 6 Ascoglossa, 5 Doridoidea, and 2 Eolidoidea. The radula of “Acteon” punctostriatus from Chesapeake Bay shows that the species comes under Rictaxis Dall, 1871, hence the species called punctostriatus from Brazil, a true Acteon, receives a new name, Acteon pelecais. Two species of Haminoea, distinguished by a small cylindrial shell, H. succinea, and a larger ovoid shell, H. solitaria, have consistent anatomical features. The generic name of Stiliger has to be replaced by Ercolania due to Baba & Hamatani’s (1970a) redescription of Stiliger ornatus. Alderia harvardiensis is identical with A. modesta which occurs in Finland, California, and Brazil. Hermaea cruciata is redescribed. It differs from H. coirala from Brazil. The substitution of Cargoa for Okenia is unnecessary. Cratena kaoruae Marcus, 1957, from Brazil is a synonym of C. pilata. Tenellia pallida is a junior synonym of T. adspersa (Nordmann, 1845).