, Volume 11, Issue 4, pp 235-248

Marine fishes of Virginia’s eastern shore (Inlet and marsh, seaside waters)

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A small trawl and beach seine survey was made, June 1965–July 1966, of marine fishes inhabiting 27 selected stations in seaside waters of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Seventy species were collected, 47 by trawl and 52 by seine. Eleven species are considered resident. Ten species made up 97.8% of the total number collected withMenidia menidia being the most abundant. A checklist of 96 species known to inhabit the area is given with hydrographic and distribution details for each species when known. Species assemblages by seasons for inlet, midchannel, inshore beaches, and tidal creeks are also given in tabular form.

Contribution No. 364 from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.