, Volume 17, Issue 4, pp 271-280

Biological and physical dynamics of a Georgia tidal creek

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The physical and biological characteristics of five stations in and near a tidal creek were studied for 18 months. Tidal creeks and tidal rivers are differentiated and defined. Diel fluctuations of dissolved oxygen and temperature were greatest and tidal-induced salinity oscillations the least at the headwaters of the creek. Small salinity oscillations promoted a high overall diversity of fishes at the head-waters of the creek, even though few fish species maintained permanent populations there. Juvenile fishes were abundant in the summer and fall. Extreme temperature and low dissolved oxygen levels prompted a migration of fishes from these areas in late summer. Permanent fish populations were found at the mouth of the creek and in an adjacent tidal river.

Partially supported by a grant from the Georgia Power Co. and the Environmental Protection Agency, grant No. 910039.