, Volume 71, Issue 13, pp 1659–1674

Vaccination Strategies in Lymphomas and Leukaemias

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DOI: 10.2165/11593270-000000000-00000

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Rezvani, K. & de Lavallade, H. Drugs (2011) 71: 1659. doi:10.2165/11593270-000000000-00000


The successful identification of a range of leukaemia-specific and lymphoma-specific antigens in recent years has stimulated efforts to develop therapeutic vaccination strategies. A number of clinical trials have established the safety and immunogenicity of vaccination against tumour antigens, although there are limited data on the clinical efficacy of this approach in haematological malignancies. After encouraging results of phase I/II trials using idiotype vaccines in lymphoma, the outcome of the three phase III trials has been somewhat disappointing. Several other promising strategies are currently being developed to improve these results, including optimization of antigen delivery. In myeloid leukaemias, clinical trials of vaccination with peptides derived from a number of leukaemia antigens, including WT1, PR1, RHAMM and BCR-ABL, have shown evidence of immunogenicity, but limited data are available on the clinical efficacy of this approach. In this review, we focus on the results of clinical trials of vaccination in leukaemia and lymphoma, and discuss potential strategies to enhance the efficacy of immunotherapy in the future.

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