, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 38-40
Date: 31 Aug 2012

Australian Report on Pediatric Medication Issues

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Australian prescribers have faced many of the same issues as those in other developed countries in relation to medicines for children. Australia represents <1% of the world pharmaceutical market, with the pediatric market being a fraction of this. Thus, Australia’s ability to influence the global market has been seen as limited, and it had been hoped that Australian children would benefit from international efforts in the area of medicines for children. This, however, has not eventuated, with there being very little change in the availability of medications for children in Australia over the past 2 decades. A number of reviews have been undertaken looking at the issue of medication for children in Australia and what could be done. Recently, two significant events have occurred: the first is the establishment of a pediatric medicines advisory group by the Australian government and the second is the decision to fund the development of a national pediatric dosing reference. These events represent significant progress, but are only the first of many steps required to improve medications for children in the ‘land of Oz’ (Australia).