, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 17-26
Date: 04 Nov 2012

Angiotensin II Signalling in Bartter’s and Gitelman’s Syndromes

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In extensive studies of patients with Bartter’s and Gitelman’s syndromes, we have shown biochemical abnormalities in angiotensin II (Ang II) short- and long-term cell signalling, which depict a mirror image of those found in hypertension. The information obtained from the study of this human model of altered vascular tone regulation shows that it can be used to gather more general data and/or confirm mechanistic details of the cellular and biochemical events involved in the pathophysiology of vascular tone control, and to shed light on the multiplicity of the Ang II signalling-related mechanisms responsible for the pathophysiology of hypertension and its long-term complications, such as cardiovascular remodelling and atherogenesis.