, Volume 27, Issue 12, pp 865-866
Date: 24 Aug 2012

Health-Economic Comparison of Paricalcitol, Calcitriol and Alfacalcidol for the Treatment of Secondary Hyperparathyroidism during Haemodialysis

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It has been previously reported that intravenously administered paricalcitol reduces the risk of mortality to a greater degree than intravenously administered calcitriol in patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism.[1] However, several baseline characteristics, such as age, race, dialysis duration and incidence of diabetes mellitus, all of which can influence the survival of dialysis patients, were significantly different between patients receiving the two therapeutic strategies in this study.[1] A recently published article claims that paricalcitol also has a health-economic benefit compared with orally substituted calcitriol as well as orally and intravenously administered alfacalcidol in Germany.[2] However, the effects of these different therapy regimens on survival rates, number of hospitalisations and economic aspects have not been investigated in Germany or in any other country.

The suggested pharmacoeconomic model of Rosery et al.[2] is based on data obtained from an uncontrol ...