, Volume 26, Issue 3, pp 181-183
Date: 29 Sep 2012

Transparency of Economic Evaluations of Health Technologies

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Economic evaluations of health technologies are aimed at influencing the allocation of health resources by decision makers (regulators, purchasers, prescribing physicians, etc.) and may therefore have significant public health and economic implications. This leads to a high risk of bias in the execution of economic evaluations.[1]

Who bears the costs of biased economic evaluations? First, patients and society as a whole, because decisions based on biased studies may lead to an inefficient use of resources. Suppliers and other stakeholders with a commercial interest in comparators may also be negatively affected if a biased analysis makes their products look less cost effective than they really are, and if this in turn leads to a reduction in use and sales. Finally, repeated evidence, or even suspicion, of bias might reduce the credibility and actual use of economic evaluations for decision making.[2]

Several solutions have been proposed and implemented in an effort to reduce bias. Instit ...