, Volume 17, Issue 5, pp 443-444
Date: 21 Sep 2012

Decision Analytic Modelling in the Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies

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There is concern about the credibility of decision analytic models when used for the economic evaluation of health technologies; there is limited guidance for good modelling. Decision analytic modelling, undertaken for the purpose of economic evaluation of health technologies, involves the application of mathematical techniques to synthesise available information about healthcare processes and their implications. Thus, decision models provide an explicit 2-way bridge between primary data and the decisions they inform. These models embrace a variety of techniques, including decision-tree modelling.

A decision model is usually developed to assist decision-makers in making choices relating to the evaluated options. Typically, the objective of a decision model is to obtain a clearer understanding of the relationships between incremental costs and their consequences.

The purpose of the Consensus Conference on Guidelines on Economic Modelling in Health Technology Assessment (University of Shef ...