, Volume 59, Issue 3, pp 435–476

Kinase Inhibitors in Cancer Therapy

A Look Ahead
Review Article

DOI: 10.2165/00003495-200059030-00004

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Sedlacek, H.H. Drugs (2000) 59: 435. doi:10.2165/00003495-200059030-00004


The most essential kinases involved in cell membrane receptor activation, signal transduction and cell cycle control or programmed cell death and their interconections are reviewed. In tumours, the genes of many of those kinases are mutated or amplified or the proteins are overexpressed.

The use of key kinases offers the possibility to screen in vitro for synthetic small molecule kinase inhibitors. In view of the many interconnections of cellular kinases, their role in preventing or inducing programmed cell death and the possibility that a considerable number of signal transducing proteins are still unknown, cellular test systems are recommended in which the respective key kinase or one of its main partner molecules are overexpressed.

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