, Volume 8, Issue 8, pp 1311-1319

Analysis of a new 5-phase bearingless induction motor

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This paper addresses the bearingless motor with a single set of multiphase windings. The interaction between M and M±1 pole-pair magnetic fields produces radial force. Based on this principle, a bearingless machine is obtained. Conventional bearingless machine has dual windings, levitation windings and torque windings, which produce the two magnetic fields. In the proposed bearingless motor, the two needed magnetic fields are produced by feeding two groups of currents to a single set of multiphase windings. Taking a 5-phase induction motor as example, the inductance matrices, considering air gap eccentricity, are calculated with the modified winding function method. The radial force analytical model is deduced by virtual displacement, and its results are validated by FEA. The mathematical model of the new bearingless machine is set up, and the simulation results verified the feasibility of this novel bearingless motor.

Project (No. 50677060) supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China