, Volume 45, Issue 12, pp 1761-1791
Date: 22 Dec 2012

Round Robin Test for composite-to-brick shear bond characterization

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The paper presents the experience of a working group within the RILEM Technical Committee 223-MSC ‘Masonry Strengthening with Composite materials’, aimed at developing a standardized, reliable procedure for characterizing the bonding mechanism of masonry elements strengthened with composite materials under shear actions. Twelve laboratories from European universities and research centers were involved. Two different set-ups were compared, for single-lap and double-lap shear tests (the latter in two versions). Four kinds of fiber fabrics, i.e., glass, carbon, basalt and steel, were applied with epoxy resins (wet lay-up system) to clay brick units, for a total of 280 monotonic tests. The results provided information regarding the response of externally bonded-to-brick composites in terms of observed failure mechanisms, load capacity, effective transfer length, and bond shear stress–slip behavior. The test results of the 12 laboratories constitute a set of statistically representative data which may conveniently be used for setting appropriate design provisions and guidelines.