Medical Oncology

, Volume 20, Issue 4, pp 403–407

Doege-Potter syndrome

Hypoglycemia associated with malignant solitary fibrous tumor
Case Report

DOI: 10.1385/MO:20:4:403

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Zafar, H., Takimoto, C.H. & Weiss, G. Med Oncol (2003) 20: 403. doi:10.1385/MO:20:4:403


We report a case of recurrent solitary fibrous tumor with associated hypoglycemia, the Doege-Potter syndrome.’ These are rare tumors with a 12–13% rate of malignancy. The syndrome of hypoglycemia is seen in less than 5% of the cases, and the associated tumors are large with a high mitotic rate. The cause of hypoglycemia is related to insulin-like growth factors produced by these tumors. Resection in many cases is curable with resolution of the hypoglycemia. We discuss the different signs and symptoms and literature evidence of treatment options and follow-up.

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Doege-Potter syndromesolitary fibrous tumorhypoglycemiainsulin-like growth factorsIGF-II

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  • Haider Zafar
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  • Chris H. Takimoto
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  • Geoffrey Weiss
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  1. 1.Division of Medical Oncology, Department of MedicineUniversity of Texas Health Science Center at San AntonioSan Antonio