Immunologic Research

, Volume 24, Issue 1, pp 69–77

Regulatory role of CD4+ T cells during the development of contact hypersensitivity responses

  • Anton V. Gorbachev
  • Robert L. Fairchild

DOI: 10.1385/IR:24:1:69

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Gorbachev, A.V. & Fairchild, R.L. Immunol Res (2001) 24: 69. doi:10.1385/IR:24:1:69


Contac thypersensitivity (CHS) is a T cell-mediated immune response to cutaneous sensitization and subsequent challenge with haptens such as dinitrofluorobenzene and oxazolone. Many aspects concerning the development and regulation of CHS remain unknown. Using CHS as a model of T cell-mediated immune responses to antigens deposited in the skin we have studied the development and function of effector and regulatory T cell componenets of this response. These studies have revealed the effector role of hapten-specific CD8+ T cells in this response. In contrast, hapten-specific CD4+ T cells negatively regulate the magnitude and duration of the response. In this article we propose a model in which the CD4+ T cells during sensitization for CHS and discuss potential mechanisms that CD4+ T cells might utilize to mediate this regulation.

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SkinContact hypersensitivityLangerhans cellsT cells

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  • Anton V. Gorbachev
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  • Robert L. Fairchild
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  1. 1.Department of Immunology, Lerner Research InstituteThe Cleveland Clinic FoundationCleveland