, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 183–188

Bone and fat

Old questions, new insights
Clinical Update

DOI: 10.1385/ENDO:23:2-3:183

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Gimble, J.M. & Nuttall, M.E. Endocr (2004) 23: 183. doi:10.1385/ENDO:23:2-3:183


Until recently, adipose tissue was considered to serve only as a triglyceride reservoir and was relegated to a passive endocrine role. With the discovery of leptin and other adipokines, adipose tissue is now recognized as an active participant in systemic metabolism. This review focuses on the complex relationship existing between adipose tissue and bone metabolism and differentiation. It explores the paradigms that have shaped the past decade’s research and what these findings forecast for the future. Particular attention is given to the multipotent adult stem cell populations that reside within bone and fat. These adult stem cells have critical importance to the emerging field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

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Adipocyteadult stem cellbonedifferentiationosteoblaststromal cell

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