, Volume 79, Issue 1-3, pp 649-665

Simultaneous saccharification and cofermentation of dilute-acid pretreated yellow poplar hardwood to ethanol using xylose-fermenting Zymomonas mobilis

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Simultaneous saccharification and cofermentation (SSCF) was carried out at approximately 15% total solids using conditioned dilute-acid pretreated yellow poplar feedstock, an adapted variant of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) xylose-fermenting Zymomonas mobilis and either commercial or NREL-produced cellulase enzyme preparations. In 7 d, at a cellulase loading of 12 filter paper units pergram cellulose (FPU/g), the integrated system produced more than 3% w/v ethanol and achieved 54% conversion of all potentially available biomass sugars (total sugars) entering SSCF. A control SSCF employing Sigmacell cellulose and a commercial cellulase at an enzyme loading of 14 FPU/gachieved 65% conversion of total sugars to ethanol.