, Volume 115, Issue 1-3, pp 1115-1126

Effects of sugar inhibition on cellulases and β-glucosidase during enzymatic hydrolysis of softwood substrates

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A quantitative approach was taken to determine the inhibition effects of glucose and other sugar monomers during cellulase and β-Glucosidase hydrolysis of two types of cellulosic material: Avicel and acetic acid-pretreated softwood. The increased glucose content in the hydrolysate resulted in a dramatic increase in the degrees of inhibition on both β-Glucosidase and cellulase activities. Supplementation of mannose, xylose, and galactose during cellobiose hydrolysis did not show any inhibitory effects on β-Glucosidase activity. However, these sugars were shown to have significant inhibitory effects on cellulase activity during cellulose hydrolysis. Our study suggests that high-substrate consistency hydrolysis with supplementation of hemicellulose is likely to be a practical solution to minimizing end-product inhibition effects while producing hydrolysate with high glucose concentration.