, Volume 115, Issue 1-3, pp 1073-1086

Comparison of microbial inhibition and enzymatic hydrolysis rates of liquid and solid fractions produced from pretreatment of biomass with carbonic acid and liquid hot water

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This research quantified the enzymatic digestibility of the solid component and the microbial inhibition of the liquid component of pretreated aspen wood and cornstover hydrolysates. Products of liquid hot water and carbonic acid pretreatment were compared. Pretreatment temperatures tested ranged from 180 to 220°C, and reaction times were varied between 4 and 64 min. Both microbial inhibition rates and enzymatic hydrolysis rates showed no difference between pretreatments containing carbonic acid and those not containing no carbonic acid. Microbial inhibition increased as the reaction severity increased, but only above a midpoint severity parameter of 200°C for 16 min. Both the rates and yields of enzymatic hydrolysis displayed an increase from the lowest tested reaction severity to the highest tested reaction severity.