Obesity Surgery

, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 263-268

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Laparoscopic Technique for Performing Duodenal Switch with Gastric Reduction

  • Robert A RabkinAffiliated with
  • , John M RabkinAffiliated with
  • , Barbara MetcalfAffiliated with
  • , Myra LazoAffiliated with
  • , Michael RossiAffiliated with
  • , Lee B LehmanbeckerAffiliated with

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Background: The duodenal switch procedure with gastric reduction (DS) is a hybrid procedure for morbid obesity that combines moderate intake restriction with moderate malabsorption. This report describes the laparoscopic hand-assisted technique for the duodenal switch procedure (LapDS). Methods: Restriction is achieved via a greater curvature gastrectomy, reducing gastric capacity to 120 ml. The malabsorptive component is constructed by dividing the duodenum 4 cm distal to the pylorus and anastomosing the proximal duodenum to the distal 250 cm of ileum. The biliopancreatic limb is anastomosed to create a 100 cm common channel. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy, cholangiogram, liver biopsy and appendectomy are performed in conjunction with DS. Results: 345 LapDS procedures (27 lap-assisted; 318 hand-assisted) were performed between September 1999 and February 2002. There were 299 women and 46 men with a mean age of 43 years (range 19-67 years). Mean BMI was 50 (range 36-118 kg/m2). Mean operating time was 201 minutes (range 105-480). The median length of hospital stay was 3.0 days (range 2-22 days, excluding one outlier). There were 7 conversions to open laparotomy, 14 reoperations, and 21 readmissions. There were 3 pulmonary emboli, 2 deep venous thromboses, and 4 perioperative proximal anastomotic strictures. There were no deaths. Mean percent excess weight loss at 6, 18, and 24 months was 51%, 89%, and 91%, respectively. Conclusion: Laparoscopic assisted duodenal switch procedure can be performed safely with acceptable operative times and without excess morbidity or mortality.