, Volume 70, Issue 9-10, pp 1417-1422
Date: 13 Sep 2009

Simultaneous Determination of Ebastine and Its Active Metabolite (Carebastine) in Human Plasma Using LC–MS–MS

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A sensitive and rapid LC–MS–MS method was developed for the simultaneous determination of ebastine and carebastine in human plasma. Solid-phase extraction was used to isolate the compounds from the biological matrix followed by separation on a Symmetry C18 column under isocratic conditions. The mobile phase was 10 mM ammonium formate in water/acetonitrile (40:60, v/v). Detection was carried out using a triple-quadrupole mass spectrometer in positive electrospray ionization and multiple reaction monitoring mode. The method was fully validated over the concentration range of 0.1–10 ng mL−1 for ebastine and 0.2–200 ng mL−1 for carebastine in human plasma, respectively. The lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) was 0.1 ng mL−1 for ebastine and 0.2 ng mL−1 for carebastine. For ebastine and carebastine inter- and intra-day precision (CV%) and accuracy values were all within ±15% and 85–115%, respectively. The extraction recovery was on average 60.0% for ebastine and 60.3% for carebastine.