, Volume 70, Issue 11-12, pp 1645-1650
Date: 17 Oct 2009

Effect of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.) Essential Oil and Its Main Constituents on the Outer Membrane Protein Composition of Erwinia Strains Studied with Microfluid Chip Technology

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Changes in the composition of bacterial outer membrane proteins may result in antibiotic resistance and in altered invasive ability. A rapid method (microfluid chip technology) was used in this study to analyze the outer membrane protein profile changes of Erwinia strains under antibiotic effect and to compare it with the effect of essential oil and its constituents. Streptomycin, gentamicin and thyme essential oil were capable of significantly changing the protein profile. Neither of the main constituents of the essential oil (thymol and carvacrol) can be exclusively responsible for the changes induced. Quantitative changes in the protein profile may contribute to the explanation of antibacterial effect of thyme oil on pathogenic Erwinia. strains.