, Volume 69, Issue 5-6, pp 575-585
Date: 01 Feb 2009

Volatile Constituents of Achillea ligustica All. by HS-SPME/GC/GC-MS. Comparison with Essential Oils Obtained by Hydrodistillation from Corsica and Sardinia

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The volatile components extracted from the headspace (HS) of Achillea ligustica All. samples and their separated organs using solid phase microextraction (SPME) were investigated by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Fiftyseven compounds were identified, the main components were camphor (14.2–29.8%), artemisia ketone (0.3–26.7%), santolina alcohol (0.5–9.4%), camphene (3.0–9.0%) and trans-sabinyl acetate (1.6–5.5%). Moreover, the chemical composition of Corsican and Sardinian A. ligustica oils obtained from flowers and leafy stems harvested in four regions of both islands, were investigated. Two collective oils of A. ligustica were also investigated, comparison between both oils as well as from data literature were reported. A comparison of hydrodistillation and HS-SPME extraction of volatile components in term of isolation time, plant-consuming and chemical composition was discussed. HS-SPME technique was clearly fast in contrast to hydrodistillation (90 min/300 min). HS extraction was performed with a much smaller amount of plant than hydrodistillation. Although the aromatic profiles of HS-fractions and oils showed several quantitative differences HS-SPME can be applied to routine control analysis of aromatic and medicinal plants.