, Volume 61, Issue 9, pp 443–446

Quantitative Determination of Eugenol from Cinnamomum tamala Nees and Eberm. Leaf Powder and Polyherbal Formulation Using Reverse Phase Liquid Chromatography


    • Department of Chemistry
  • A. A. Gursale
    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory
  • R. T. Sane
    • Department of Chemistry
    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory
  • S. Menon
    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory
  • P. H. Patel
    • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Laboratory

DOI: 10.1365/s10337-005-0527-6

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Dighe, V.V., Gursale, A.A., Sane, R.T. et al. Chroma (2005) 61: 443. doi:10.1365/s10337-005-0527-6


A simple, rapid and precise reverse-phase high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the quantitative determination of eugenol from the extract of dried powder of Cinnamomum tamala leaves and its polyherbal formulation. Chromatographic analysis was carried out on Zorbax C18 column (150 mm × 4.6 mm, 5 μm) with a mobile phase of mixture of water, acetonitrile and methanol in the volume ratio of 50:40:10, at a flow rate of 1.0 mL min-1. Quantitation was performed using a UV-visible detector at 210 nm. Good linearity was obtained over the ranges of 0.20–3.0 μg mL-1 for eugenol.


Column liquid chromatography HPLCEugenolCinnamomum tamala NeesEberm leaf powder

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