, Volume 41, Issue 7, pp 232-238

In vitro differentiation and mineralization of human dental pulp cells induced by dentin extract

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In this study, the progenitor cells isolated from the human dental pulp were used to study the effects of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid-soluble dentin extract (DE) on their differentiation and mineralization to better understand tissue injury and repair in the tooth. Mineralization of the matrix was increasingly evident at 14, 21, and 28 d after treatment with a mineralization supplement (MS) (ascorbic acid [AA], β-glycerophosphate [β-GP]) and MS+DE. Real-time polymerase chain reaction results showed type I collagen upregulation after the addition of MS+DE at 7 d. Alkaline phosphatase was downregulated after the mineralization became obvious at 14 d. Bone sialoprotein was shown to be upregulated in the mineralized cell groups at all time points and dentin sialophosphoprotein after 7 d. Core binding factor a 1 was upregulated by the treatment of MS and DE at 7, 14, and 21 d. These results indicated that the MS of AA, β-GP, and DE synergistically induced cell differentiation of pulp progenitor cells into odontoblast-like cells and induced in vitro mineralization.