, Volume 16, Issue 8, pp 2264-2269
Date: 30 May 2009

Management of Intraductal Papillomas of the Breast: An Analysis of 129 Cases and Their Outcome

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The management of intraductal papillomas of the breast has been controversial; some advocate surgical excision of all lesions despite benign pathologic features, whereas others excise only those specimens with atypia.


We conducted a retrospective review of 129 core-biopsy-proven papillomas of the breast with atypia (n = 43) and without atypia (n = 86) and determined the rate of missed carcinoma in surgically excised specimen in each group.


Carcinoma was found in 22.5% of the surgically excised specimens in the atypia group (9/40) and in 3% of the surgically excised specimens in the no atypia group (1/29).


Our findings confirm the practice that papillomas with atypical features should be excised, and suggest that in patients with adequate follow-up, benign papillomas may be managed conservatively.

Presented as a poster at the meeting of the Society of Surgical Oncology, March 5-8, 2009, Phoenix Arizona.