, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp 605-614
Date: 06 Dec 2006

Comparative Study of the Accuracy of Breast Resection in Oncoplastic Surgery and Quadrantectomy in Breast Cancer

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The aim of this study was to determine whether oncoplastic surgery ensures accurate tumor resection and reduces the need for further surgery in comparison with standard quadrantectomies.


This was a prospective comparative study of 74 patients with breast tumor diameter ≥15 mm. The principal criterion for case selection was breast size that allowed either quadrantectomy or oncoplastic surgery to be scheduled. The following were recorded and compared between groups: the size of the glandular resection, the width of the nearest margins, the ratio of clear margins, and the need for further surgery.


The patients who underwent oncoplastic surgery were younger than those who had quadrantectomy. All other demographic and oncological preoperative data were comparable. The median volume of the excised specimen in the oncoplastic group was higher than in the quadrantectomy group. The nearest lateral margin widths were larger in the oncoplastic group than in the quadrantectomy group. Free surgical margins ≥5 mm and ≥10 mm were obtained more frequently using oncoplastic surgery than standard quadrantectomy. However, the need for fewer secondary surgeries was not demonstrated in our study.


Oncoplastic surgery achieves more accurate tumor resection than standard quadrantectomy. This approach might be useful in extending the indications for conservative therapy.